Elisha ann cuthbert dating


After breaking up with Justin Timberlake's personal assistant Tracy Ayala, to whom she was engaged for a year, she struck up a relationship with Ontario-born LA King Sean Avery in November 2005.

It wasn't meant to be for the pair, however, who split in August 2007.

Dislikes flying so much that she has certain rituals she must do: like always board the plane with her right foot first.

(From an April 2004 appearance on Conan O' Brien.) [June 2004] Engaged to longtime boyfriend Trace Ayala, best friend and personal assistant to Justin Timberlake.

Received Paris Hilton's autobiography and Paris Hilton's perfume by her House of Wax (2005) co-star Paris Hilton for Elisha's 22nd Birthday.

Loves to visit the beach, but is unable to tan because of her fair skin.

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Treading a path pursued by many before her, the pretty blonde started her career as a model, getting her first taste of life in front of the camera when, aged seven, she was signed up to promote a line of childrenswear.Both her mother and brother play on Hockey Teams in Canada.She's a huge hockey fan and has season tickets to the Kings.She was five weeks into the month-and-a-half deadline she had given herself in which to succeed, when she scored a role as Kiefer Sutherland's daughter Kim in TV action series 24.While the award-winning show gave Elisha's career a major boost, the actress continued to take on roles in a number of TV flicks, one of which - Lucky Girl - earned the ambitious youngster a prestigious Canadian Gemini gong in 2001.Her first TV appearance came in 1996 when she landed a recurring role in the children's series Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Her big break came, however, when she was invited to host the ground-breaking Popular Mechanics For Kids, a documentary-style show aimed at showing children how things work.

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