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Could Fender make so many PRIIs, considering they were making the other 13 amp types in the range at the same time?

Then Soren in Denmark started showing serial numbers on his excellent Super Champ website (which is no longer on the web) - some of those numbers fell in between some of 'my' PRII numbers.

Continue Reading Jackson guitars can be dated through their serial numbers, but guitars not sold in the United States are not tracked in this manner. All Randy Rhoads neck-through-body model Jackson guitars were given serial numbers beginning with "RR" from 1983 through the spring of 1990.

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Eventually, I thought, I'll get a rough idea what the highest and lowest s/ns were.

2006 amps have a small metal “Fender 60th Anniversary” button on the back plate. This amp performed extremly well too, with lots of punch and sparkle.

From a player's perspective, you'll get more value for the buck with a CTS silverface amp than with a blackface.…

Sonically, it offers everything we look for in a Fender amp; A dynamic and sensitive touch, brightness, volume, ambience, spread and a decent weight.

Summary The 35w blackface Vibrolux Reverb (VR) is the smallest member of the blackface/silverface 6L6 Fender amp family.

His info (rightly without details of the amps' owners) still represents about a seventh of my database. Compared to my estimate of the total made, that's more than one in forty.

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