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A UN inquiry has named 41 Gabonese and Burundian suspected of sex crimes in Kemo, in the centre of the country.Lack of resources for inquiry alleged French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said he would be "implacable" if any French soldiers were found guilty but the Mediapart website has accused the authorities of not matching words with action.One was closed in November when the girl concerned changed her story but the other, into allegations of statutory rape of three children in Dékoa in the centre of the country, is still under way.Sangaris troops protected from prosecution in CAR France launched the Sangaris operation in December 2013 at the request of then-president François Bozizé when Muslim Seleka rebels were advancing on the capital, Bangui, and sectarian violence exploded between them and Christian anti-balaka militias.Several officers warned that the military camp in Bangui was "like a Swiss cheese", allowing free access to a prostitution ring, the site says.But the military's reaction was to cast doubt on children's testimony and on the ethics of NGO's who supported the witnesses.French President François Hollande has had precious little to celebrate since he was elected last May.

Three French examining magistrates opened an investigation in May 2015 into allegations of rape in a refugee camp near the Bangui airport between December 2013 and June 2014.The law is the first significant social reform under the watch of Socialist President Hollande.And recent months have shown that there remains plenty of opposition to gay marriage in the country.Hundreds of thousands of anti-gay marriage protesters have taken to the streets in recent weeks to voice their disapproval of the measure.Surveys, however, indicate that well over half the population support marriage rights for same-sex couples. Gay and lesbian couples in France have been allowed to enter into civil unions since 1999.A ruling on that issue is expected before the elections this fall.

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