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When she refused to cooperate with these five non-uniformed strangers, they beat her to death.

Wal-Mart has made no comment more than one week after the incident.(September 5, 2009) The Legend Returns When a new version of the legendary online game Legend was released, players rebelled and paralyzed the game by standing at the city gates and blocking all other entrants.

The reason why 30-year-old execution photos of a corrupt government official is very red-hot on the Internet today is because people hate corruption and demand decisive, powerful and public actions now.

A man dies in a Yunnan province while playing a blindfolded catch game, which the netizens found to be an unbelievable explanation.

"I love it when people pay attention to me, praise me and flatter me on the Internet." A hill of iron slag collapsed in Lifan county.

A reporter found that there was a cover-up on the cause as well as the number of deaths.

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In order to force businesses to pay garbage removal fees, the garbage collectors resort to dumping garbage in front of the businesses.Yet another sensationalistic Internet story: A Nanchong big boss man ran into a motorcyclist and killed him.The police rescued the big boss man and attacked the school teachers who were trying to hold him responsible ...A collection of news reports about the appearance of Chinese dissidents Dai QIng and Bei Ling at the Frankfurt Book Fair whereupon the Chinese delegation walked out and returned only when the organizers apologized officially.In Jiangxi province, a Chinese woman is stopped by five Wal-Mart employees after shopping for suspected shop-lifting.Changjiang Business News reporter Yao Haiying reported on a case about the leaking of business secrets and finds himself the target of an investigation for graft.

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