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Emperor otto i defeated the magyars in 955 in the battle of lechfeld.

This however did not reach any extent of an organised resistance.

The essay below is the conclusion of the ninth part in a series by takuan seiyo.

The first documented mention of the city during the middle ages is within the salzburg annals dating to 881 when a battle apud weniam was fought against the magyars.

Since 1967 non muslims have been permitted limited access however non muslims are not permitted to pray on the temple mount bring prayer books or wear religious apparel.

Herod s temple was destroyed in 70 ce by the romans and after the bar kokhba revolt in 135 ce a roman temple to jupiter capitolinus was built at the site.

In the course of reconstruction vienna was largely turned into a baroque city.

View of vienna during the baroque era by bernardo bellotto the following period was characterised by extensive building activities.

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