Friendship after dating a scorpio dating sites ages 13

Though it can overwhelming, our hard work and consistency always shines through, and we feel a deep sense of accomplishment when we reach our goals.Scorpios always keep it real, and sometimes we just don't want to f*ck with you.No matter the circumstances, we've always got your back.Whether it's in the workplace or our personal lives, Scorpios are determined hard-workers who strive for perfection.

In all honesty, you just haven't experienced the true meaning of friendship until you've had a Scorpio in your life.Just think of it as a time for us to recharge our batteries for the next get-together; it's nothing personal.To put it plainly, the best part about being a Scorpio is the fact we always know when you're full of sh*t.We hold ourselves to very high, sometimes unattainable standards.We are our own worst critics, and we always will work extremely hard to prove ourselves.Just don't piss us off, unless you want us to go from party-planning to revenge-plotting in the blink of an eye (something you'll never see coming).

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