Garmin nuvi updating gps firmware

After the message, another message appear "The device has been successfully updated.There are additional updates that require a restart to take effect. " but even when I click Yes, the message stays at each reboot.Everything seemed to go fine it stated the unit would restart after the firmware was updated and disconnected from my laptop. They won't stop I can say no then it stops but when I power off/on the message is back.Can I reinstall the firmware update or ideas on how to resolve?Not only did you answer my questions, you even took it a step further with replying with more pertinent information I needed to know.Updated the maps with no problem and then updated the firmware after purchasing the unit. Powered the unit on it went to the main screen and then I started to get the additional updates require a restart message.That got me to thinking.....maybe I need to reconnect it to the pc and use the remove usb option before I unplug it from my pc.Maybe it is hung up because I just unplugged it without doing the remove option on my pc first. So I reconnected it to the pc...used express to check for a software update and it was one.

Then went to do the firmware update, it also seemed to go well, but now it's constantly asking to do a reboot since "the device has been successfully updated. No matter how many times I reboot, it keeps doing this.

On the first reboot, it did finish installing a few things and rebooted. The device then proceeded to finish the install that I had attempted to do earlier today. I can second what kd7cmv said about not having enough free space on the unit to complete the update.

I powered it down, restarted it and joy of joys, no more asking to reboot! Oh, BTW, my software versions showed the exact same versions as the original poster. I removed the voices and help files for the languages I didn't use and the restart alert no longer shows up.

Every time the unit is turned on since the firmware update.

Connect the unit to your PC, open it in windows explorer and look for a folder inside the garmin folder or the main directory called Remote SW. Restart your garmin and it should be back to normal. Sometimes the updates that download onto your unit get corrupt which causes the freeze at 1%. If you are satisfied with this answer please click accept so that i may get credit for this answer. Thank you so much for taking your time and knowledge to support my concerns.

I was seeing reboots and a failure to startup USB connected to my pc after a failed update.

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