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if my Android device is set to Dutch, I’ll see Google Play search results, keywords, and app descriptions in Dutch). Users will see it in in whatever language you’ve selected, usually English, which makes it difficult for non-English speakers to determine what your app does versus a localized version in the same category.Compared to the work you’ve put into designing and developing your apps, translating app store listings takes fairly minimal effort.We’re happy to share how we use various tactics, such as targeted push notifications with Visual Studio App Center and carefully worded app descriptions, that you can easily apply to your app development, store submissions, and ongoing marketing.We all know that app stores are competitive, but how competitive?Bottom line: The number of apps available is growing faster that the number of downloads.Developing a great app isn’t enough, you need to make sure it gets maximum exposure. Let's look at what you can do to make your apps successful tomorrow (based on our successful and not-so-successful ASO experiments).

In our client apps, we use Visual Studio App Center's Analytics service to understand aggregate data about our apps and users (like language, geographical location, device type, etc.).This isn’t a new problem, but there are tactics to improve your negative-to-positive ratio.Many one- and two-star reviews are related to minor bugs that you can easily fix.Engagement heavily influences ASO, but how do you get people to discover and download your app in the first place? When writing a short description (for Google Play) or a subtitle (for App Store), be strategic.If you’re on a tight budget, use a platform like App Annie, Sensor Tower, or Google Trends to determine the best keywords for your app. They won't appear in the search results, but will help you score higher.From there, we work with our customers to identify trends and content that will appeal to various user subsets.

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