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We usually only get as far as the “supercali…” part and then give up.

But it begs the question, how often does a fake word from Everything’s big in Texas, including misspellings of “maintenance.” Missouri shares their confusion for exactly how to correctly spell this one, usually just getting a letter off, like “maintenace” or “maintanance.” Late night host Stephen Colbert is from South Carolina.

But he might as well be from New Mexico, where they still can’t figure out the correct spelling for banana. We agree with Iowa, the spelling of “vacuum” just never looks right. Just in terms of pure aesthetics, “vaccum” seems more correct, or even “vacume.” Vacuum looks like it should be pronounced “Vacuuuuuuuuuum.” We feel your pain, Iowa.

We’re not entirely sure why Oregon has difficulty with this one.

It’s one of those words that it’s easy to feel cocky about until it comes time to write it.

And then you’re like, “Wait, is it ‘recipt’ or ‘reciept’? ” Don’t expect any judgy finger-wagging from us, Florida.

Google Trends also revealed the most commonly misspelled words in every other state.

Some of them weren’t surprising, and some of them left us scratching our heads, or even laughing.

1 of a two volume collection of the political writings of Richard Cobden which focuses on foreign policy, and war and peace. 1 contains “England, Ireland, and America” (1835), “Russia” (1836), and “17 in Three Letters” (1853), only the first two letters are in this volume. It is nearly forty years since he passed away, and in the interval much has happened.Listen, everybody makes boneheaded spelling mistakes, so we don’t want to point any fingers.But sometimes, a spelling error says more about you than it does about the difficulty of a word.Are they confusing it with “cents”, as in the currency?Sorry for the easy diss, but it doesn’t make much “sense” why a state of roughly four million people couldn’t pool their intellectual resources to break the “sense” spelling riddle.And if you’re in need of a laugh or two, check out the 20 Things Everyone Secret Finds Hilarious.

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