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* UEF T2 Power Generator's adjacency bonus has been corrected to be consistent with the other factions' T2 Power Generators.

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* Build 3217 represents a full integration from the game's main development branch, reflecting many changes to the game's code base. * Support for Direct2Drive download version enabled.

The studio formed in 1998 as Gas Powered Games, with their launch title being the 2002 3D role-playing video game Dungeon Siege, published by Microsoft Game Studios.

Apart from its custom graphics engine, it also featured simple and innovative role-playing rules and mechanics that made it stand out from a market already crowded with sword and sorcery/fantasy role-playing games.

In August 2005, Gas Powered released its sequel to Dungeon Siege, Dungeon Siege II.

In March 2006, Take-Two Interactive purchased the full publishing rights of the Dungeon Siege series, ending the four-year Microsoft partnership with Gas Powered Games.

* T1 and T2 Sonar now have a minimum build distance from shore.

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