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Darwin, founded in 1964, was the first mixed college, while in 1972 Churchill, Clare and King's colleges were the first previously all-male colleges to admit women.The last all-male college to become mixed was Magdalene, in 1988.

I mean, two random digits are better than just tossing out a “Hey,” or an alarmingly creative “Heya,” right?

As we gear up to showcase our preparedness for the future in Season 4, I look forward to another exciting and power-packed race in 2017.” Tata Motors has already kicked off the preparations for the championship and the T1 Racer Program (TRP 2.0) motorsports driver training and selection program has started shortlisting drivers.

TRP 2.0 has already received 1000 applications from all over the country, of which Season 4 will present 10 new shortlisted Indian truck drivers with an opportunity to race at BIC.

The automaker says that the T1 Prima Truck Race is in line with the company’s objective of making the profession of truck driving aspirational for drivers.

Tata says that this also helps them to address the problem of driver shortage as such events act as a catalyst to induct drivers into the commercial vehicles profession.

If I haven’t responded to your second attempt, I’m clearly not interested.

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