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The first thing to strike me was the enormous amount of freedom that I had from the time that I started school.

After getting home at four o'clock, until it was time to go in for our evening meal around six o'clock, I could go out to play with other local children.

During term time there was a well established season for various games and pastimes.

One week everyone was making match guns from a piece of kindling, hair grips and the rubber ring from a lemonade bottle.

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The girls with their skipping games using one or sometimes two long ropes were much more skilled than the boys.

These devices fired spent matches and were used in games of cowboys and indians.

The ammunition was garnered from the gutter where they had been jettisoned by the ubiquitous smokers.

Such activities were not always appreciated by the adults residing in that particular close.

Residents who were particularly nasty to us may even have had their doorbell rung and not found anyone there when they answered it.

As there were very few cars around we were free to use the street as our playground.

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