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Meanwhile, Cuddy has questions about real estate, so she turns to Wilson.Season 6, Episode 11January 11, 2010The doctors play detective to track down personal information about a drug dealer (Ethan Embry) who had collapsed during a deal because his partner-in-crime (Nick Chinlund) won't cooperate.

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Season 6, Episode 12January 25, 2010The men on House's team are charmed by a woman (Beau Garrett) who has unexplained bouts of excruciating pain, but Thirteen's more interested in her pain.He plans to free himself with the help of his roommate (Lin-Manuel Miranda) and a visitor named Lydia (Franka Potente).Season 6, Episode 3September 28, 2009House leaves the hospital and tells Cuddy that he's making major changes in his life.Season 6, Episode 7November 9, 2009A partying teen brought to the hospital with swollen appendages won't---then can't---tell the truth.Meanwhile, House tags along as Cuddy and Wilson attend a medical conference on pharmacology and public policy. Season 6, Episode 8November 16, 2009House resumes his post after getting his license back and sets out to form a "dream team." He also treats a porn star (Troy Garity) suffering from eye pain.Season 6, Episode 5October 12, 2009A teen (Tanner Maguire) has unexplained stomach pain, and his rich father (Lee Tergesen) believes that the cause is karmic payback for his business success.

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