How to run dating ads on facebook


“In general, it makes the ecosystem safer, healthier, it makes it more transparent and accountable and those are really important things as we continue to try to lead the industry and how to make sure that the digital ecosystem is as safe and accountable as possible.”Accounts that upload content violating the guidelines, post false news or misinformation or share clickbait can be declared ineligible to receive money for their content.

In June, Facebook began giving media buyers access to publisher lists that show which sites, apps, Instant Articles and videos their ads could appear in.

The categories apply to in-stream videos, Instant Articles and Facebook Audience Network (or FAN), which places ads on websites and apps outside of the social network.

In May, Facebook announced that it was hiring 3,000 people to review content after videos containing suicide and murder spread on the platform.“If there’s severe content in those nine standards, we know advertisers are not going to want to run in that so we just want to take the precaution of opting them out automatically,” Everson said.

“It’s one element that starts to get to the seriousness of the effort that’s being put forward by the content producer but certainly it’s not something that we would rely on in a vacuum.”While brands had been running ads on You Tube for years, many were not aware of brand safety issues before specific examples started popping up in the press.

Media buyers’ attention is now turning to Facebook for similar reasons.“Brand safety [on Facebook] hasn’t been a problem because people don’t really know where their ads are running,” Eli Chapman, vp and managing director of connections planning at R/GA explained.

In response, You Tube began requiring that channels amass 10,000 views before they can be ad-supported.

Facebook’s new guidelines are meant to address similar concerns about the context around where ads run, though they are not as tied to hard numbers like You Tube’s program.

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“It’s nice to see Facebook starting to catch up with where transparency was a few years ago,” he said.From there, advertisers can create whitelists to remove specific publishers from their ad buys.That program is now officially rolling out to all media buyers next week.“You can imagine that’s a big spreadsheet to maintain.”In one example, to qualify for ad breaks, creators and publishers must have 2,000 or more followers (which represent a “significant follower base,” per Facebook’s wording) and have live videos that recently reached 300 or more concurrent viewers, according to the social network.Facebook didn’t detail qualifications for other revenue-generating features but said that the qualifications “will likely vary.”Group M’s Barone noted that 2,000 followers is a minimum requirement and should only be one factor that brands use to determine whether a content creator is legitimate.“In and of itself, a minimum threshold is not enough of a standard because you could have content that is either offensive to large groups of people or not appropriate to support a particular brand that has 2,000 followers,” he said.More specifically, a sufficient period of time is equivalent to one month, according to Facebook.

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