Ideas on updating older bank buildings

In some cases, however, large bay or oriel windows comprised of small panes of glass set the shops apart from their neighbors.

Awnings of wood and canvas and signs over the sidewalk were other design features seen on some early commercial buildings.

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The first decades of the 20th century saw the growing use of decorative transom lights (often using small prismatic glass panes) above display windows; in some cases, these transoms could be opened to permit air circulation into the store.Standardized sills, columns, and lintels could be arranged to create fronts of all sizes, styles and configurations.In the 1870s sheet metal storefronts became popular; they were also sold in standardized sizes and configurations through manufacturers' catalogs.As more and more people come to recognize and appreciate the architectural heritage of America's downtowns, however, a growing interest can be seen in preserving the historic character of commercial buildings.The sensitive rehabilitation of storefronts can result not only in increased business for the owner but can also provide evidence that downtown revitalization efforts are succeeding.The typical 19th century storefront consisted of single or double doors flanked by display windows.

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