Infinite dating rumors tumblr


They think Bomi and Naeun have thousands of boyfriends ㅋ They ship everyone8.

[ 38, -6] Agreed ㅋㅋ Apink gets shipped with every group ㅋㅋ EXO, Infinite, BTOB, Beast, Bangtan Boys, and SHINee ㅋㅋ International delusional fans are really serious...

Photos used in these secrets are not being claimed by anyone.

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However, it appears the netizens are doing their research and won't stop until they figure out what's going on! Give it a go : D Why do we even need to know who they're dating?

Also the bracelet isn't special lol sorry to break your little fangirl dreams but there are MANY copies of that bracelet. And the girl and the company said that they would take full responsibility for the scandal since THEY'RE the one that made it public, but after it went viral. ; Hey guys, they broke up right after the scandal took place so stop worrying. Just like fangirls [I'm speaking for myself here now], they need to stop thinking that every little thing is a hint at something. And you know what they say, nothing stays a secret. Established: March 22, 2010 (1) No racism, sexism, and/or homphobia. (9) Secrets with other artists' fanclub name will not be published.This blog is dedicated to all kpop fans and the secrets are waiting to be exposed. All secrets posted in this tumblr were not made by the admins, but by the followers (unless otherwise stated).There are also some who have kept their relationship as a secret and have been dating for a while: Soyeon (T-ARA) and Oh Jong Hyuk – December 2010 (September 2013 official announcement) to present Prior to their official statement, the two have been dating for the past 3 years after meeting each other on several TV programs.Yoon A (Girls’ Generation) and Lee Seung Gi – December 2013 to present Yoona and Lee Seung Gi’s dating rumors stirred a lot of emotions in both camps, but people came to accept their relationship and showed support. Suzy (Miss A) and Lee Min Ho – February 2015 (March 2015 official announcement) to present Lee Min Ho admitted to be charmed by Suzy first and making the first move.Dating is not really an issue as these Kpop idols are in their right age and are responsible for their actions.

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