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In behavioral interviews, the interviewer also wants to know the potential negatives to understand the circumstances in which the candidate will not be able to demonstrate the required competencies. Don't get so caught up in the thrill of high growth that you fail to do some long term manpower planning. Action - describe the action taken, obstacles overcome. The candidate needs to answer all 4 elements, to get full marks for the question.

Questions should be agreed by the panel before commencing the interview and all the candidates should be given the same questions in the same order. Avoid questions which make it easy for candidates to bluff their way through the interview such as "What is your greatest weakness? Don't inadvertently screen candidates out because they don't fit your non-job related pre-conceived notions about your ideal candidate (e.g. Decisions made in haste because filling a particular position is left until the need is urgent can be costly. Don't leave the bulk of the hiring up to inexperienced managers and then fail to give them adequate training or tools. Here the candidate should talk of what was done by him/her and not what the team has done or what was supposed to be done. Action is the most important because it describes what he/she did, what steps he/she took etc. Probing for Details: Once the overview is obtained, the interviewers can go back and probe specific milestones or steps undertaken by the candidate to explore behaviours in more detail. Time and Recording: BEIs are very focused, clinical-type, tape-recorded interviews which can take from 2-2½ hours to complete.

By focusing on personal experiences that directly relate to the requirements of the job, the selecting official can better assess how competently the candidate will perform in the position.

Behavioural interviews may also be referred to as behavioural event (BEI) or descriptive (BDI) interviews.

BEI questions, on the other hand, focus on the premise that the best predictor of future performance is past behavior.

Answers to BEI questions are drawn from the applicant's actual experiences.

§ They can use reference checks to validate the specific situations, events and examples that candidates provide in the interview. Preparation Stage before conducting BEI Interviews where BEI questions are asked can be conducted in a variety of formats.

One-to-one interviews where one person does all the interviewing and evaluating are quick and efficient, but only offer the perspective of one person.

It helps the interviewer learn about the candidate's past performance in a key skill area that is critical to success in the position for which interview is being conducted.

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