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While some have reinforced their names with their play on the field, others have simply flopped and are remembered for nothing but their unique name.Here are the 20 most intimidating names in NFL history.You might visualize this image before interacting with them or during your interaction if you start feeling uncomfortable, she said.“Visualization is a great tool for changing the way you feel in any situation.It’s completely portable, and no one even knows you are doing it.”6. For instance, you might decide to feel empathy or compassion toward them, Wingert said.Rather, it shows you that you can choose what to think, and this can change how you feel, she said.

“Write them down and post them on your fridge, your mirror, your computer and ponder them to make sure they ‘fit’ for you.”2. Most of us find it hard to set boundaries in general, because we were taught to seek approval and please others in childhood, Wingert said.He was a selected to the Pro Bowl 12 times and the All-Pro team nine times.There aren't many better fitting names in NFL history.“We have the power to shift our perceptions, our thoughts and our beliefs intentionally and deliberately.When we do, our emotional reactions begin to change, and we experience a greater sense of control and power over our lives.”And, again, as Hanks said above, remember that you deserve to have a voice when interacting with anyone.This is because we fear being rejected or losing the relationship, she said.

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