Invalidating warranty itshere dating

I have had an aftermarket exhaust for over 3k miles from run in. The benefits to me seem well worth the extremely small risk. The bike will sound soooooo much better, believe me.

Don't worry too much about scaremongers - most of them just don't like noise. From my point of view a louder can lets others hear you approaching and may avoid them unexpectedly moving across your path.

We said Simon should be refunded the £163 he paid, and the manual wording be changed.

According to Atlas Roofing, the addition of solar panels, using proper installation procedures, should not invalidate your roof warranty.When the car’s jets blocked in March, he took it to Ocean BMW, in Plymouth, but was refused a repair under warranty.Simon said: “They told me I should have been using BMW’s anti-bacterial washer fluid, and, should the jets be blocked, the warranty would not apply.” The dealer then landed him with a £163 bill to flush the system and replace the bottle and strainers.Click here to get the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association's technical bulletin on installing PV panels on an asphalt roof. recommends a comprehensive inspection performed by a qualified roof inspector as the next step.If this report indicates the roof needs to be replaced within three to five years, it advises homeowners to install the new roof and solar panel system at the same time.Should you later discover a roof leak, it will cost far more money to remove the solar panels, install new shingles, and then re-install the solar panels.

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