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Named Katherine after Jackson’s mother, the train would transport you around the estate from the main residence itself to the 50 seat movie theatre and theme park which were approximately a quarter of a mile away.

The main residence has a striking French-Normandy style and was designed by architect Robert Altevers and built by nationally recognised William Bone, founder and CEO of Sunrise Colony Company.

Aware that superfans will be desperate to get inside their idol’s former home, any inquisitive buyers will be subject to strict financial background checks before being permitted to look.

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His award winning career as the King of Pop and his contributions to music and dance truly transformed the face of pop music and popular culture as we know it.

One of only a few obvious reminders of who this ranch home once belonged to.

You might think a steam train in your garden is in Bad taste but in a ranch with a total area of approximately 3,000 acres, of which only 37 acres are in use, a steam train could almost be deemed a necessity rather than a luxury to transport you around.

Perfect for when you are ready to tell your guests to Beat It after a long day.

Rolling hills, man made water features and lakes complete with swans have replaced the theme park and zoo.

The 6 bedroom 12,000 square foot main residence with attached staff quarters is nestled between the property’s two lakes.

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