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Following the conclusion of our sessions, I was able to begin dating again completely independently.After a joyful dating experience free of anxiety and SSA, and in which I was able to display my true self unashamedly, I proposed and got engaged.I continue to use the skills and techniques Simcha taught me practically daily, well after our therapeutic relationship has been concluded.

It enabled us to move to a different point in our relationship and for me to re-manage my expectations of her and of our relationship.

Singleness is the default status in modern society.

We spend extended years living at home to pay off graduate debts and, when we finally fly the nest, all too often our early adulthood is a journey from unpaid intern work to low paid ‘getting on the ladder’ work.

Through weekly meetings we discussed my feelings, my use of language and my inability to say no – my constant “pleaser” stance.

I was encouraged to think before speaking and not to just throw out words designed to satisfy the audience, but to be honest both with myself and others.

It was easy for our grandparents who went from school to a local dance to marriage all before they hit 21, right?

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