Ken solin dating


The Short Version: Ken Solin is a boomer dating coach with decades of experience advising singles over 50.This voice actor got into the dating industry by working as a dating columnist for several online magazines, including The Huffington Post.Ken supplies women of a certain age the tools to successfully find a compatible partner with long-term potential.

I worked on my trust issues with my men friends who'd worked through theirs, and I was up front about them when I met my partner.I urge women to look deeper into a man and his qualities before deciding he's too wounded to date. I can't recall a boomer guy who ever gave up dating.While I'm curious what women and other men think are the reasons for the gap, I consider the notions that boomer men date just for sex, or because they can't be alone, overly simplistic.While a woman may list tall, in shape, handsome, and successful as prerequisites for a date, that's only reasonable if she's a comparable woman.But even if she is, her rigid typecasting eliminates a host of quality guys she might find exceed her fantasy.His support and guidance empower women to take control of their dating experiences and meet emotionally balanced men on dating websites.

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