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She gets the fact that sometimes you really do need to cancel something at the last minute because something really did come up with your child — and you understand that the same thing can and does happen on her end.She also understands that sometimes, you’ve been running with your child all day and you really want to see her but would it be OK if we just ordered in a pizza and cuddled up on the couch with a movie.On the flip side, most single moms are done having children so that makes dating them a lot easier for a guy like me.Patrick: If I’m looking for a long-term relationship, I would prefer another single parent because she has a better understanding of what your own life is like.Single dads say they spend far more time explaining their custody agreements and kids’ soccer schedules to the women they date than they do acting out any scenes from a Hollywood-style romance.To help you navigate the idiosyncrasies of dating a single dad, we put together a panel of five fathers and asked them to be 100% honest about what they’re looking for in a woman.It’s good to show that you’re interested and that you’d be a good mom but you don’t want to take on too much too fast. Sons tend to be very possessive about their moms and, obviously, I don’t have that dynamic.Dan: And another thing — I think any woman who dates a single dad needs to keep in mind that there’s also a real mom in the picture and if you take on the mothering role too much, that’s not going to play well with the kids. I really believe most kids want their parents to be with someone.

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So, if she wants kids, that’s going to be an automatic conflict.Also, a lot of people, including single dads, have crazy exes.I personally have broken away from my old life with my ex-wife, but there is a lot of stress when it comes to dealing with an ex, and any woman dating a single dad needs to know that.If a woman has kids, she knows that you can’t just bail and go out for sushi whenever you want — a single woman without kids might not understand that.On the other hand, it’s harder to get together with a single mom because you both have households to run, and it’s often hard to find time in your schedules that works for both of you.Robert: I don’t have a problem with PDA as long as it’s not inappropriate.

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