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And quite honestly, it’s about time that that “certain segment” of the African woman be showcased. For so long mainstream media has shown the African woman as one who has HIV, living in poverty and needs to be educated about maternal and child health. A lot of people complained then about the show being one “certain segment” of society. ” One story does not have to have the monopoly in the conversation; there is room for many stories.It was so smart of Nicole to have the idea to want the show to be a web series, inspired by Issa Rae, who launched a couple years ago. K., Ghana, France, Ethiopia, South Africa, Nigeria, and the list goes on and on.And being a web series helped to catapult us into the phones, computers and tablets of people everywhere. EBONY: Each episode gives the audience an on-the-ground look at the culture, sights and sounds of Accra.EBONY: gained a bulk of its awareness through social media.Can you both talk about your relationships with the Internet generation and how that helps the show increase recognition?But, as our exclusive interview with Nicole Amarteifio and Millie Monyo shows, “certain segments” have proliferated all of the great television shows aimed at women—from ’s origins, respond to skeptics and criticism, and explain how “An African Dump” will spark the discussion to improve male-female relations.

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