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Application Service Provider (Asp); A Company That Offers Individuals And Firms Access Via The Internet To Applications And Related Services That Would Otherwise Have To Be Located In Their Personal Computers.

Armored Carriers Approved By The Exchange For The Transportation Of Gold, Platinum, And Palladium.

A person, commonly called a commodity broker, associated with and soliciting customers and orders for a futures commission merchant or introducing broker.

The AP must pass a Series 3 examination, be licensed by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and be a member of the National Futures Association.

Grade And Quality Specifications For Petroleum Products And Metals Are Determined By The Astm In Test Methods.Also referred to as "Exchange for Physicals" (EFP) or "versus cash". ACS allows executing firms to give-up (allocate) trades at the execution price to the designated carrying firms(s), utilizing their current trade entry systems and CME's Trade Management System.ACS may be utilized for trades executed and given up to a single firm, as well as trades given up to multiple firms (see Give-up System).Type of option contract that can be exercised at the buyer's discretion on any trading day up to and including the expiration date.This differs from a European style option, which may only be exercised on its expiration date.An Actual Physical Commodity Someone Is Buying Or Selling, E.

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