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Our products help to make your production processes faster, more efficient, quieter, safer and more sustainable.With a war on and most men being drafted, Howard Oil Supply Company has no salesmen left.However, Joan soon finds she is in love with Bob, and with him talking about the two of them having a future together, she must face how to let him know who she really is without him feel betrayed.This film is a bit of a departure for Dick Powell's musical films.The problems between Bob and Joan start when he see's Joan getting a check from an older man and also finds that she does not stay in her apartment after he drops her off.According to the Hollywood Reporter's April 22, 1935 issue the Acme Window Cleaning Co. See more » Quite unusually for this era, there's a short pre-credit sequence: a complete refrain of the title song is sung before the main title card is shown.With a little friendly help from John Garfield, Slim gets to kiss Joan Leslie, whom ...

‘Water heater’ or ‘hot water maker’ will keep us out of hot water.sued Warner Brothers for the use of the names Acme Window Cleaning Co. Because the Acme company in the film was portrayed as unscrupulous, the real Acme Co. The First National logo zooms toward us out of clouds (just as the WB logo more familiarly does) then Dick Powell is superimposed over the same clouds singing "Happiness Ahead" directly to us.See more » This is one of those films so popular in the 1930's in which a rich person, either intentionally or through coincidence, is mistaken for a person of modest means.So daughter Jean hits the road and does not make one sale. See full summary » Napoleon needs money to fight his wars in Europe so he wants 20 million dollars for the Louisiana Territory in the United States.To help the negotiations, he sends his brother, Jerome, to ...This is a very fun film if you like the Warner Brothers musical comedies from the 1930's.

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