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You may not apply legal terms or technological measures that restrict others from doing anything permitted here.No Strings za is the exciting flirty dating service for adults looking for adventure with the naughtiest and sexiest singles in South Africa. “Frequent sexual intercourse is [evidently] associated with reduced heart attack risk.” But, this seems to me the perfect case for reverse causation.They’re implying that more sex leads to healthier arteries.

I don't have much to say about the film, but I guess that's mainly because I was too engaged throughout most of it to really think about it aesthetically.

The spike in sex hormones in the blood is so great that men’s beards actually grow faster on days they have sex.

And, since low testosterone levels are associated with “increased risk of mortality,” that could help explain the health benefits. I did a Pub Med search for sexual activity and longevity, and came up with “Sexual Activity and Longevity of the Southern Green Stink Bug.” Our taxpayer dollars, hard at work.

When men make love, they get a big spike in testosterone levels in their blood.

But, interestingly, in contrast, they get no testosterone boost when they masturbate.

Angered by arbitrary and race-based wage policies, ...

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