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Night clubbing in the 1990's, glam outfits, dancing all night. For anyone that finds the modern day reformulation pleasing I recommend you research the advice about purchasing vintage (batch codes, reform dates, pointers to authenticity) and spend a bit more and indulge yourself.

Poison used to be almost medicinal for me in the way it instantaneously gave me confidence. I have visual memories of those days through photographs and now I have this beautiful and powerful smell to reminisce with. Yes, vintage is expensive but whereas a reform may cost less, it is to my mind, a false economy. I can be in a bad mood, and I spray this on my chest, and the aroma drifts into my nose and I get lost in its seductive charm. I don't even know how to describe the scent – it's a strong, spicy, sweet intoxication.

Brings back memories of me sneaking into her room to spritz some on. I love to see all these reviews that are positive about an adventure from the 80's! This perfume brought folks to places they never knew existed! Poison is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular 80th fragrances that have been made for women.

It's got very strong sillage, very potent tuberose/incense, too much going on for my liking, caused me some headaches, however, to each their own and if you can tolerate this, go for it. It was an elegant and haunting one glorious fragrance. But why not create that fantasy again -- all on your own. Flechier summarizes for Dior what is the Baroque, the excess, the sweet and unexpected "poison" of a fascinating nectar like few others.

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What hit me was complete olfactory memory overload.

It is just such a shame the reflection in the mirror is not still what it was! The scent radiates through the air wherever you walk. One spray of vintage EDT and you are set for the day. With the vintage you not only get more bang for your buck but you get the original, as it was designed and intended, you get a part of history and above all you get quality. I think there must be some kind of drug in Poison that addicts me to this piquant bouquet. I now can finally purchase a bottle of this gorgeous, gorgeous Dior.

The reform is pleasant and inoffensive but seriously, why have cotton when you can have silk?! When I was a teen I always was at the perfume counter smelling this mysterious potion.

A sad purchase of a reformulated bottle sent me on a mission to find a vintage I could call my own. I had to get up from bed to wash her off my wrists before I could get any rest, and yet the scent lingered and in my sleep I grew scales. Cue carnival music, because sh*t was about to get weird. Since Poison was so prevalent in the 80s, all manner of weird and random memories came forth – it was like a hundred intense deja vus all at once. I remembered faces without names, third cousins, every goth ever, my Great Aunt Ginnie, friends of my young parents smoking cloves on our porch, empty rooms, random images, old songs...

I finally got my hands on a vintage (1987) bottle of Poison, which is one of my Holy Grails. There was nothing I could do in that split second, though – ready or not, I was about to get hit with a lethal dose of poison. After tripping my way through that, I was able to concentrate on the scent itself. It was the magical potion I had imagined and hoped for – an addictive combination of incense and baroque witchery, like a bell striking midnight again and again, forever.

Since then I have found Fragrantica and undertook an education.

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