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Sincerely, La Wanda Lewis A Dissatisfied Auto Zone Customer Reply I recently bought windshield wipers for my Buick Lacross at the Auto Zone in Latrobe PA. He was having some trouble putting them on and I asked if they were on correctly. I was coming home tonight In the dark and pouring rain and my wiper on the drivers side flew off! I had to drive home from Latrobe to Greensburg with no driver side wiper blade! We have proof that it was not touch or put in, in the process we rented a car, until we could get it fix.

Anyway long story short, we did not need the part, we had the receipt and bought it back without use.

I am very frustrated and upset because I have to pay to have this part taken off and put back on again. I wish I would have known this before I bought the part from here now I am just stuck!

I have always shopped at Auto Zone for every car I had when I needed parts and now I will NEVER shop here again and make sure I let everyone else know about my experience! Plus I’m going to tell everyone I know so they will never experience a dangerous situation like I did! last week my husband MSG Porchia, went to Auto Zone to return a part he did not needed, after looking in the car, found out that it was a piece of Styrofoam, stuck in the engine where a filter was not in to keep junk from getting into the engine .

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This person acted extremely rude, disrespectful and speaking very abrasively and loudly about telling me to go to Walmart if I didn’t have a receipt.She said she is not sure if the parts are compatible with the cars.I asked why would you all be selling parts if they are not compatible?Carla, I hope when you are approach by people that they will not judge you, from what they think. I had recently purchased a Lug wrench from another Auto Zone store in Dallas of which a technician recommended 20 inch Lug wrench that unfortunately was the wrong size fro my vehicle.I tried to return the unused Lug wrench at 9711 because this store was nearest the mishap occurrence.In 1998, the company acquired Auto Palace, Truck Pro and Chief Auto Parts, which gave the chain over 150 extra locations.

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