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The family’s religion [the parents are Jehovah’s Witnesses] means the children weren’t even meant to be in show business. She told me she never read a single thing about herself so I stopped, too, there and then, which meant there was never anything lousy going round and round in my brain. You’re my hero.”‘There were photographers who wanted a picture of us together so she turned towards them and opened the front of her dressing gown.

But, when they started making money for their father, that was it. I knew all his girlfriends including Lisa Marie who became his wife.’Liza thinks she knows what killed her friend. But he was only a king when he was on stage.’On the other hand, Elizabeth Taylor — like Liza — was a survivor. The glitter and the glamour and the gutter [as she witheringly dismisses it] were all in the photographs and the way stars like her were presented. I thought that was good advice.’The colour is returning to her cheeks — but then Liza likes an audience.

‘The first would be enormously rich, with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana skin.

‘The first time I saw him perform, I don’t remember breathing for two hours,’ she recalls. The acting within each song was phenomenal, something I’ve tried to emulate. ‘If it’s true,’ she mutters, ‘I feel so happy for Cliff.’ I take her to mean that she’s pleased he’s escaped from Gest. ‘I’ve decided I want three lovers,’ she says, breezily.

Then, one day, the father in one of those families called up Michael and said, “Unless you give me ,000, I’m going to tell everyone you made a pass at my son.” And that’s when Michael called me.‘When he’d finished his story, I remember pausing and then saying: “Michael, maybe you should tell your lawyer about this.” He said: “But it’s insane.” So I repeated my advice. “It is,” I replied, “and that’s why you need to involve your lawyer.” But he wouldn’t. ‘I remember he was going with this girl and he was so in love with her. I asked him what he was going to say and he didn’t know. ‘I feel centred, content right now,’ she volunteers. Four marriages, two hip replacements, one new knee, a near-fatal bout of viral encephalitis, Liza has survived them all. “Now let’s go get a hamburger.” Forget anything you’ve read. That’s my reality.’Even so, she slightly gives the game away later in our conversation when she announces: ‘Reality is something you have to rise above.’ What can she mean? ‘Well, if you don’t like a chapter in your life, then re-write it. Fred Astaire once said that, if Hollywood breeding could be compared to the British royals, Liza ‘would be our Crown Princess’. When she married music producer David Gest in London in 2002 (more of him in a moment), she was attended by Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor and — bizarrely — Martine Mc Cutcheon. ‘But there’s not a day,’ she says, ‘when I don’t think of Michael.’‘He was a supremely gifted human being but he didn’t survive, in my opinion, because he’d never been taught the rules of the game,’ says Liza. ‘I’ve been down,’ she says, at one point, ‘but I’ve never been out.’‘One day, I said to her: “Mama, why are you always so sad when you sing Over The Rainbow? Noel Coward was the first visitor to her mother’s bedside after Liza was born. ‘He and his brothers and sisters were forced to rehearse round the clock while other kids were playing basketball.‘Michael’s life was precisely the one dictated by his father. Kylie Jenner is over four months pregnant with a baby girl due in February, claim multiple sources. A new report from TMZ shared on Tuesday afternoon claimed to have the answer: the Keeping Up With The Kardashians standout started dating Travis Scott in March or April, instantly fell for him and only two months into their romance got pregnant.This comes just as People reported the family is thrilled that she never got pregnant with ex Tyga.It has taken a lot of time, energy and money for her to get pregnant, and now Kylie is having a baby around the same time.'But the patter of little feet will be sweet.'This is ultimately really great news, because it’s a new life,' said the source.

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