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The only difference is the number of criteria used.The Russian site uses 17, while the American site has 29 — almost twice as many.“At first, copied its Western prototype’s business model and interface logic completely,” says Burin.The company started with the e Harmony model and is now moving to dominate the Russian online dating niche.More and more of today’s love stories start with people making contact on the Internet starts with the following: “I was going to bed at two o’clock in the morning and frequently visiting the site to check whether Dima had sent me a reply or not.I’m not sure, is “bring it to me” something you would normally do?

At the end of January there were reports that would continue to buy up its competitors, and that the next in line could be In the two years since its launch, the online start-up has brought thousands of couples together, generated million in investments and begun swallowing up its competitors.It is quite possible that, in the future, will be able to develop using its own resources and will no longer need to seek outside investment.The chief matchmaker on the Russian Internet Experts believe that the “serious relationships” segment of the Russian online dating market remains relatively free: there is no clear leader, so there is scope for developing the business.As with e, the only free things on the site are registration and the selection of the most psychologically compatible partner: if users want to make contact and see photos of their potential “other halves,” they have to fork out some money: a one-month contact costs , three months costs , six months , and one year .“In principle, we’re not ruling out new ways of generating income.Spriežot pēc portāla statistikas, tur ir piereģistrējušies arī 40 lietotāji no Latvijas, tāpēc ir iespējas arī iepazīties ar kādu vietējo iedzīvotāju, neskatoties uz portāla starptautisko specializāciju.

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