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It’s about who walked in, and never left your side… She received lots of fame and adoration, but her love life was never better than you’d thought. After many years of ups and downs, this woman is finally engaged at the age of 36.

7 years of romance, she loved, she forgave, she let go, she moved on… Heartfelt congratulations to Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) from my!

Myolie Wu, the highly celebrated Hong Kong TVB actress has recently announced her ultimate bliss on her latest birthday through Weibo.

For this, she thanked Philip for making her smile every day.She also thanked lead stars Betty Sun Li and Peter Ho, as well as the team behind the said drama for their hard work and cooperation.The actress also expressed hopes that she would be given more diverse roles in the future so that she could challenge herself as an actress.What more, she loves the idea of being titled as Mrs Lee for the remaining phase of her life.Myolie has a fairytale wedding dream, which she wished to perform in England.However, the wedding is not just between the two of them; especially when Philip is the eldest son from a traditional Hakka family.

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