Neil strauss internet dating


The negative lessons that most guys probably take from the book are too numerous to list here.

Anyone can rewrite stuff they’ve heard or read into an e Book, then ship it off to poor, hapless customers who don’t know any better.

Though Strauss makes great effort to critique the vain emptiness of some aspects of the game culture and the transformation of nice goofy guys into slick lotharios, he behaves in almost the exact same way but paints his exploits in a radioactive awesome colour (because when the alpha-game-messiah does it it's all cool braaah).

And so throughout the book Strauss gets to have it all ways (so to speak).

So step one is: Start keeping great, organized notes about what you’re currently doing as your strategy.

Record things like: If you do not have an effective strategy to observe and report, then there is no way in HELL that you will be good at strategy.

On the other hand if you make the decision to take 2 minutes a day to record and strategize, you will start getting results very quickly. Step two is: Collect as much feedback as you can about your profile.

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