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The most common theory is that some men may be allergic to their own semen, or something in their semen, which causes an immediate immune reaction.

A semen allergy is an allergic reaction to a protein found in a man's semen that mostly affects women but has been known to also affect men when semen comes in contact with the skin or mouth.

I would also say the brewery scene is more social than the bar scene, and would try to attend some events they might have.

While I haven’t checked it out personally, there are also some Young Professional clubs that have social events that are generally on Facebook. I will give meet up another try and see if I can make a brewery event work.

I say this cause some of the spots around west hartford center looks like everyone is in groups. I would be ok with long-term relationship and flings Where are good spots to meet some new friends? Not many people hang out after so its disappointing from that respect. And trying out a new fitness place in west hartford.

I’ve been to the West hartford center a lot for coffee and some food. I am little hesitant about rolling solo there as i feel i might stand out Any ideas you have, please let me know…

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I would suggest joining Meet Up and searching for different groups you may be interested in.

You can meet someone in a no-pressure setting and get a chance to know them a little before hand.

Plus, you’ve already got a built-in mutual interest beyond alcohol to share. Most people who go are either single or with someone and bring a single friend.

And the other, orgasmic headache, has an 'explosive, throbbing quality and appears just before or at the moment of orgasm'.

The pain is described, 'as if you've been hit over the head with a cricket bat.'Annabelle Knight, sex and relationship expert at Lovehoney, said those lovers who enjoy the most lively sex are most at risk of the headaches.

I think I am the one percent of guys that doesn’t like the taste of beer haha.

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