On validating simulation models of missile systems


A glossary is provided to explicitly define important terms and VV&T techniques.An overview of simulation model validation methodology is presented, with emphasis on how these techniques may be applied in the missile simulation environment.DTIC Online - This search queries the DTIC Online Public website.NDIA - National Defense Industrial Association Conference Proceedings.awareness of how the actual system has behaved historically (if this is available) and detailed discussions and analysis of results by both modeller and user are most important.Simulation models are designed and used with an objective.When simulation factors are numerous while real-world observed data are sparse, the issue of validating the simulation models is problematic.An extreme case is focused that limited real-world observations are available cross the factor space, and only a single replicate is available on per simulation factor setting.

DTIC's PDF and Excel spreadsheet versions of Congressional Budget reports are available shortly after postings on Thomas (Library of Congress) website.Do D Investment Budget Search (R2s and P40s) - This database furnishes the Department of Defense (DOD) investment budgetary/narrative information from the President's Budget (PB) Submissions or Justification Books.Do D Labs and S&T - Allows users to query the Do D laboratory community or other sites identified as related to S&T organizations.This paper reviews validation and verification theories and procedures for simulation models.It defines and characterises validation and verification and distinguishes between them.Review our EZproxy Upgrade Checklist to ensure uninterrupted access.

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