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More often than not, it's people randomly saying hello, though sometimes you see actual conversations happening.

This is an idea that Karwa also echoes, when he says that Haiku JAM isn't about your social graph, but it does provide a social platform for anyone to express themselves.

So perhaps it's no surprise that Haiku JAM saw a sudden influx of Indians who wanted to try their hand at the form - although from what we saw, many don't bother to stick to the style of a haiku, beyond the fact that it's a short poem that's expressed in three lines.

To be more accommodating to its users, the app doesn't check for the syllable count, and while it suggests using 5-7-5 words, many users work around this by not adding spaces to words either.

That's the idea behind Haiku JAM, which started as a stress reliever for the founder Dhru Karwa, who had been facing trouble with his earlier startup idea, and ended up trading haikus with a friend at a cafe in England.

Haiku JAM was born out of this in 2015 and began life as a UK based company, before moving to Silicon Valley.

The company has around 200,000 active users, he tells us, and of this, 90 percent are from India."We also had a lot of inbound requests for events, brand partnerships, and so we started in India as a tree-month long trip to organise offline Jam sessions, and it went so well that we had to shift," he adds.

It’s been an amazing experience for us, running the journal and getting to read so many excellent haiku, tanka and senryu over the years.Today, sources say that it's at the brink of announcing its first round of VC funding, though it's not clear how much has been raised, or who the lead investors are.The company declined to comment on the matter, but how did a poetry platform from the UK become a viable business in India?And within all these projects we hope to keep to the Haiku News ethos of publishing and writing poetry committed to social and political critique. Someone else - you don't know who - will write another, and this will be repeated, until your poem has been written, a collaboration between strangers which delivers unexpected results time and again. But sometimes it helps to not take it all so seriously.

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