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however again, I can not verify the accuracy of the video, because I can not understand the language.

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This is PROOF that playing online is not a safe option.

It is commonly known that online casinos have monitors set up and mini cameras hidden in the card shoe.

As explained in my books, I go into detail about where I have seen and played at the highest table limits both in real casinos in the UK and on certain trusted online casino websites.

The last player would have won and the dealer would have had a bust hand of 16.

Funny thing is THIS is the SAME site that Sodapoppin claims to make all his money on...

But, that particular casino website offering £3, 000 on a straight number, lost over £32 million in a month to a player who I know of due to him playing with one million deposit every night, .

The website/company ceased offering such high table maximums less than 18 months, all the table maximums where cut in half, to £1, 500 (which is still one of the best for online) — also, they completely got shut of the particular casino which was originally their own flagship "in-house" studio in Gibraltar, In my experience, in LAND CASINOS between 20, the HIGHEST betting limit I seen on a straight up number on a public table was £1, 000 and that was in London, where I have played, but also in their private vip tables, table limits can be negotiated with an individual high roller player.

and he's an affiliate hmmmmmmm Ball pops out on Mia!

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