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I downloaded the app immediately, hopeful that I’d at least get one date out of it.

Had I finally found an app where men would be held accountable for their actions?

The mindfuck started, however, when I checked the photo stats. Most people out there just don’t think I am attractive.

I wish I could say that this didn’t faze me, but it did.

One’s relationship status is one of the most private things people tend to consider “fair game” to base very personal judgments and assumptions about our value as human beings on.

But as terrifying as it is, I know this vulnerability is worth it.

Well, here’s my chance to explore the issue and get some real, unbiased answers on the matter.

So after spending countless hours scrolling through my Facebook feed, unfollowing nauseatingly-happy couples, I just have to find out why I’ve never had my chance to be one of them. Physical appearance is often the first thing people — especially men — use as a qualifier for pursuing something.

I’ve witnessed the ebb and flow of many people’s dating lives while mine remains . My internal dialogue often goes through this loop: Am I not attractive? What can I do to be me while also being deemed attractive enough to have someone want to just give me a at a date?

They grade you on your looks, too, which I didn’t know until it was too late.

The results were not pretty (pun not intended): My overachieving days are long over, so I am not upset at having an overall B- score. Or even parties interested in a no-strings-attached physical rendezvous.

It’s important to emphasize that no one can say my singlehood is because I haven’t put myself “out there.” I’ve been on online dating sites and apps for 11 years — and only first dates with three men to show for it.

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