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Let's be honest: They're still pretty gross -- am I right, ladies?(Back then, Taylor was best known not for being in "Twilight," but for being Sharkboy and the hot kid in "Cheaper by the Dozen 2.") How could I possibly have a single negative feeling in my body and soul?

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It would be also a great idea to share with your lady your Easter traditions and ask her to tell you about hers.

Just recently there were articles about a very skilful girl who found a way to extract money from men via popular dating application Tinder.

The good thing is that activity was stopped rather fast, but there are no guarantees that similar things won’t happen on other dating resources.

I soon realized that it was because I had made my best friend feel bad.

While sharing the most painful stories with each other about middle school boyfriends recently, my friends and I thought about the guys we "dated" in the glory days of ill-fitting Abercrombie & Fitch.

However, sometimes, it is difficult to find the appropriate topic for conversation and to catch a person with something interesting and important.

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