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At the time, someone in my family had left the router unplugged for a while to reset it, meaning no internet.I couldn't update the game of course, but rather than let me play offline or something I was prompted to check for errors and denied from playing. I even tried re-creating it to make sure I wasn't being fooled.Am I just completely unable to play until I reconnect?A few days ago I decided to toss in Zombi U, since I hadn't touched it in months, and found there was an update for the game.But, Zombi U might be a special case for whatever reason. I remember my friend and I went on a camping trip, and he brought his 360.After a few days of no internet, it asks us to download an update to SC4. My PS3 did the same thing when I was living in a one room motel without internet access.5) Now that you have your new server added, you need to add A Name entries so the ps3 gets redirected on the firmware requests, to do this simply right click and choose New Host Address (A-Record).6) We need to add two A-Name entries, depending on what region you are in.

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For the us, we need fus01.ps3.update.and dus01.ps3.update.So, in the host address window, enter fus01.ps3.update.for Record name, and .46 for IP Address, set the Time To Live to 999 days.

To use some of these features, you need a PSN account.

PSN is a free service integrated into the PS3 that allows you to buy content from the store, play online games and chat with friends on your list. Once you sign into your PSN account, all online multiplayer content within the game will be available.

You can skip installations and even play games while downloading updates.

(Sonic Racing, New Super Mario Bros U, Nintendo Land --- all 3 had updates that could be bypassed from the start)That said, later games that require updates may have it installed on the disk (as was done on the Wii) --- in that case, you'll have to install from the disk.

Here's a simple way to setup your PS3 to bypass the firmware check using a Windows machine as a dns server, its basically the same thing as what Wii users did to use the wii shop as a browser: 1) Download the Simple DNS software from: Run Simple DNS (you don't have to reboot despite the installer telling you to..), click on the Records button.

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