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After a decorated figure skating career that included a pairs world championship in 1984 and a stint as a TV analyst in her native Canada, Barbara Underhill was back on the ice in 2010. She had arrived to coach her newest pupil: 6-foot-7, 244-pound New York Rangers forward Brian Boyle. "That means you're doing it right," Underhill reminded him.

There were no tassels and no sequins, and the 4-foot-11 Underhill definitely wasn't there to teach him how to pirouette. Coming off a disappointing season in New York, Boyle had been sent to Underhill to improve his skating. He felt like, 'This feels easier,'" Underhill said of Boyle. He realized, 'Maybe she can teach me something.'" Shortly after their final session, Boyle called her from Rangers training camp in panic. Boyle established career highs that season with 21 goals and 35 points.

Other NHL teams have since hired former figure skaters.

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