Raymart santiago dating

There will be no one who will stay in our lives forever. Until they can, because there is a lot of time when we could not know when or where the people in our lives would leave.

As one person leaves our life, for sure, there is another one who will, come and stay to help us be better from all the lapses that we made in the past.

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According to the report, AC, a mother of two, has a “super private” relationship with the actor.

Their relationship is reportedly quite long already.

Meanwhile, the source has already reached out to the two of them and is open to hearing their side.

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With regards to his love life, he is currently linked to Sen. Based on a recent report in Pep, citing Salve Asis’ article in AC is a senior division manager of Ayala Land, Inc.

Raymart is exclusively dating Kapuso star Bettina Carlos, a single mom several years his junior. It's quite a risk to take especially for Bettina to be involved with the embattled Raymart.

‘If one door closes another one opens’ this quotation best describes how opportunities come to our lives.

It was in 2006 when the two celebrities tied the knot.

Claudine and Raymart have two kids – Sabina and Santino.

He previously expressed that he is also permitted by the actress to visit their children.

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