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I know many inherit riches but the wealthy people I know have worked hard for what they have.

If they started giving away money, they would have a line 10 miles long waiting for their "share".

But unless money is inherited, it usually takes more than that! br Every single rich person got where they are due to God-given talents or luck, or most likely a combination of the two.---peter on 7/25/11Tell that to the employees of Enron.

I've seen people with lots of talent and luck make a fortune, then promptly lose it (NOT because of lack or talent or bad luck). Tell that to the multiple laid off employees of Kodak.

God takes care of the less fortunate and I know because He takes care of me.

I don't even have lots of money and people still want to borrow from me.

FYI, any unbiased economist will tell you that whenever most a nation's wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few, the economy suffers.

I can praise Him all day long (and I imagine it pleases Him when I do).Today 85% of wealth in the US belongs to 20 percent of the population. Although we are saved by grace through faith, we are also designed for good works, to tangibly love neighbors as ourselves.A wealthy Christian should help those in need when he can.I can give all my time, energy and resources to others and to spread the Gospel.But I can't see that as being "co" anything with God. But it doesn't make me any more important to God than one who does not give to others and so misses that blessing.*****interesting rich and wealth are always TIED to material by those without material - another excuse not to "give" cuz they got nothing to give ...another LIE BOUGHT by the masses to keep them in a state of want, need, envy, and hatred over those who have GIVING can be of ones TIME, GIVING can be of knowledge, lessons, love, wisdom and SO MUCH more than the material ...always a missed blessing when one believes they have nothing to give - it just continues the big LIE religion uses to make those without hate those who have Rhonda-- Being a "co-creator with God" seems to elevate man to a position far above a mere "giver" of what one has received from God! I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me KNOWING that everything I do I bring GLORY to The Father in Heaven ... I do my work for HIM all day HE is most certainly my co-creator for anything in my physical mortal life ...without HIM I have no life Rhonda-- Being a "co-creator with God" seems to elevate man to a position far above a mere "giver" of what one has received from God!---shira3877 on 8/9/11 Being a country boy, who works for a World Fortune 500 company it's my experience that competitive profit margins cannot be held in this country. of their ignorance they quote the verse 'money is the ROOT OF ALL EVILS'. when you work hard & honest you will reap plenty what you sow plenty.

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