Rockbox database not updating


In this first video, you can see the individual tiles being marked as the digger works its way through the ground. I like geek toys, but tend to go cheap whenever possible.

I still like my cheap Sandisk Fuze (V2) for working out, particularly with the Rockbox player loaded.

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This implies that in order to update the graphics, the underlying texture images need to be updated.

As usual, I am jumping around from one side project to the next, always looking for the next shiny object.

A repeat of a Broadcom networking bug on my new HTC One, lead me to want to be able to dig into the underlying network packets. three months since my last post about my Android Clock Widget Project.

Trying to shoehorn that attribute into my project that was attempting to support back to API level 5, resulted in the following error. Despite traveling soccer season heating up, I have managed to make some real progress on destroyable terrain since hitting a wall in my last post.

Ground tiles are now implemented and working quite well.

I really like that phrase, so I think I will continue to use it here.

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