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10/12/2013 Real time bidding platforms soar as advertisers finally utilise big data for micro targeting Major retailers e Bay and Amazon are becoming powerful ad networks using their vast amounts of user data harvested from their customer's buying habits Marketing giants WPP and newly Full story...11/12/2013 Facebook warned page administrators that the changes to its News Feed algorithm it introduced earlier this week will likely cause lower organic reach, citing the number of posts competing for space in users’ News Feeds. 11/12/2013 The common perception that Twitter is used by older users has come in to question this week, with new research highlighting how its users are on average younger than their Facebook counterparts. 11/12/2013 Smartphones finally outsell feature phones globally as developing world switches on to Android- but Apple remains best for consumer engagement and spend Wearable technology makes headway with Google Glass ‘explorers’ and Galaxy Gear Smartwatch- but mainstream audience demand is largely untested Mobile Full, the technology partner selected by many of the world’s largest video advertising buyers and sellers, has the following predictions for the Full story...18/12/2013 In a controversial move, Facebook is launching video ads for the first time, playing automatically with no sound whenever a user checks their news feed.It may sound like a science fiction movie, but Amazon plans to deliver packages to customer’s homes within 30 minutes using flying drones- but the service won’t be ready for another 5 years. 02/12/2013 Despite the hype surrounding Cyber Monday today, when online Christmas shopping is widely predicted to peak, just 5% of Brits asked in an independent poll commissioned by Virgin Media say they will purchase the majority of their festive gifts on this day. 02/12/2013 The number of people watching and listening to BBC programmes on i Player via mobile phones and tablets has reached an all-time high, and is now almost level with the desktop audience, according to new data. 03/12/2013 Online shopping in the US through mobile devices was up 9% this year, and i OS led Android throughout the Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping period, according to new research. 03/12/2013 Along with the Harlem Shakes, singing astronauts and twerking fails, 2013 was another big year for viral video marketing case studies.

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Social media agency KRDS, has produced this infographic on the top 10 messaging apps today, along with their features and their marketing potential. 16/12/2013 During 2014, video budgets will continue to shift from TV to multi-screen and mobile media spend will rise dramatically, especially among youth-targeted brands , according to new predictions from digital ad firm Millward Brown. 16/12/2013 Unilever announced the launch of Go Global, a program that aims to partner innovative digital companies which are ready for international expansion, with seven of Unilever’s global flagship brands.09/12/2013 Web giants Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, AOL, Linked In and Yahoo have united to form the Reform Government Surveillance coalition, to demand a change to digital surveillance practices. 09/12/2013 Microsoft has listed its 2013 top search trends list, with the birth of the royal baby being the most searched story of the year in the US, followed by the Boston Marathon bombing in April. 09/12/2013 Despite pressure from privacy groups, Bing and regional players Baidu and Yandex, Google still rules the search landscape.Google’s ‘keyword apocalypse’ has huge implications for search engine optimisation- marketers being pushed towards paid search for true accountability Products like Humming Bird and Google Full story...if it can make the most of its live event–orientated audience data.Chat Apps stole the headlines from the larger players this year, with Whats App, Snap Chat and We Chat all Full story...04/12/2013 Measuring the effectiveness of mobile advertising remains a major challenge.

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