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Coin itself does not actually verify the CID (CVV2), thus allowing an attacker to load data, and then use the Coin card in person without knowing the CID and exploiting these various issues, as well as disabling Chip-and-PIN.

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What's incredible is that the magstripe reader requires no form of wireless receiver, NFC, or RFID -- Mag Spoof works wirelessly, even with standard magstripe readers.

However, the bits stating the card has Chip-and-PIN can be turned off from the magstripe.

This means if you take a card to a retailer that would normally request you to dip, you can actually get away with not dipping your chip at all while performing a successful transaction, evading the security measures altogether.

What initially led me to investigate magnetic stripes was my Amex card.

After losing a card and Amex quickly sending me a replacement, I noticed many of the digits were similar.

An attacker would be able to use a stolen card's CSC with the predicted card number and expiration to make actual purchases.

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