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‘Then they departed from the east, leading their possessions, their cattle and their goods.

Linguistics across Historical and Geographical Boundaries: In Honor of Jacek Fisiak on the Occasion of His Fiftieth Birthday, I: Linguistic Theory and Historical Linguistics; II: Descriptive, Contrastive and Applied Linguistics.

In other words, the theme serves as an underlying narrative matrix – shaping the sequence of events, the choice of diction and the selection of details – into which the poet incorporates material from the source. He also speculates that the error may have been caused by a confusion of the last four letters of the name ‘Jafeth’ (p.

If ‘possessions’ were part of the traditional theme, but the ‘accompanying household’ not, then we would expect just the distribution of elements that can be observed here.] was made by Florence of Worcester († 1118) or an early reader of his chronicle’ (p.

‘Then the holy One, the Guardian of heaven and the eternal Lord, said to Abraham: “Depart now, leading your movable goods and cattle away from your kindred. Travel as I command you, dearest of men – obey well my teachings – and seek out the verdant land which I will reveal to you, the spacious plains.”’ Ed. said farewell to their own people, as well as their country, and set out upon their way to seek for lands where they might dwell and establish their abodes’ ( passages constitute a composite of traditional motifs and elements taken from the source.

The poet does not ignore the details of the source, but rather attempts to work them into the thematic framework.

gave the Germanic tribes in England a shared identity, and proved central to their historical, cultural and even theological self-definition.

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