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Figure 5.46 shows the Active Directory settings for Virtual Center.

This page includes the ability to set the Active Directory timeout value, a limit for the number of users and groups returned in a query against the Active Directory database, and the validation period (in minutes) for synchronizing users and groups used by Virtual Center.

Figure 5.40 shows a custom search for all virtual machines with a VM role equal to domain controller. With this box selected, any host added to Virtual Center will automatically be reconfigured to use the license server as configured here.

The Virtual Center Management Server Configuration dialog box contains 12 Virtual Center settings: ? The Statistics page, shown in Figure 5.43, offers the ability to configure the collection intervals and the system resources for accumulating statistical performance data in Virtual Center.

Once you understand the basic functions and features of each product in the suite, you'll have a better grasp of how that product fits into the big picture of virtualization, and you'll more clearly understand how each of the products fits into the design. Say that you want to add metadata to each virtual machine to identify if it is an application server, infrastructure server (I. Figure 5.37 Custom attributes allow you to store metadata about virtual machines and hosts. Figure 5.41 The licensing mode of Virtual Center is managed through the Virtual Center Management Server Configuration.

Managing Virtual Center Settings The Administration menu in Virtual Center allows for post-installation configuration of the Virtual Center. Once a custom attribute is created, the attribute data can be edited from the Summary tab of the object.. When an evaluation of VI3 is no longer required and the appropriate licenses have been purchased you must deselect the evaluation option and configure the appropriate licensing strategy.

The options include using an evaluation mode, a local license server, or pointing to a specific license server hosted on another server.

Advanced Settings The License Server configuration page, shown in Figure 5.41, of the Virtual Center Management Server Configuration dialog box provides the parameters for establishing the location of the license server.

By editing the statistics collection configuration, you can see watch the estimated database size change accordingly.The unique ID and port will be populated by default and each requires a restart of the Virtual Center Server service. These settings would normally requirechanging only when multiple virtual center instances exist in the same environment and conflicts might exist if not altered.Figure 5.45 Virtual Center ID, port settings, and Managed IP address can be altered from the Run Time Settings page of the Virtual Center Management Server Configuration dialog box.The mail SMTP server name or IP address and the sender account will determine the server and the account from which alarm results will be sent.Figure 5.47 Mail settings in Virtual-Center are important for sending Virtual Center alarm results. The receiver URL should be the name or IP address of the server with the appropriate SNMP trap receiver.Also includes system uptime, system heartbeat, and DRS metrics.

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