Senior dating show

There a student finished nationally as a quarterfinalist.

In 2011, WHS finished in first place in Debate Sweepstakes at BCFL finals.

Public Forum typically addresses public policy issues that are related to international relations, public administration, social issues, and economics.

Students attend weekly meetings and are constantly immersed in a rigorous cycle of research and preparation for the Speech/Debate events in which they are participating and competing in.Local and state tournaments typically consist of volunteer members from the community; teachers, lawyers, doctors, parents, and debate alumni etc.Judges for National tournaments are admitted to volunteer based on a given set of criteria outlined by each individual tournament’s guidelines and policies.The team qualified for Sketchers Locals in Albany, New York, where students finished locally as double octofinalists in Public Forum Debate.In 2010, team members qualified for NCFL Grand National Tournament held at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, in Lincoln Douglas Debate, and Public Forum Debate.During a typical regular season tournament, every PF team will argue for the resolution once, and against the resolution once.

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