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While using the Clip 1 works great when I'm bouldering new mounts will should give me great new possibilities.I'm the one who creates and updates everything that you see on our web application, I try to create the best user experience in different user touch point and channels.For example, the interface in the mobile app, on the website or when using the Clip itself, I try to make it into a coherent experience that fits peoples needs and expectations.Since I’m currently not too active on social media, hopefully I will become more social and share more pictures with my friends.

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It is super easy to download, delete, share and view other users’ pictures and moments in the Public Moments timeline.My name is Johan Stenehall and I am a web-developer. We want to open up our API and make integrations with other services to provide more value to our customers. However, I only clip it on when there is some special occasion.For instance, holidays, travels or meeting an old friend for a cup of coffee.I am also the one responsible for keeping users informed about new updates through the website.I expect that the pictures are better and really look forward to the different mounting options that allow users to take pictures in a new ways, such as time-lapses for example.I mainly use it during the weekends or when I'm meeting with friends.

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